Special Interest Group on Web Science, aka fourcats


This is an inofficial name of our special interest group on Web Science. Why four cats? Well, we could call us just "focus group ABC" - but "fourcats" sounds, uhm, less official.

>> FourCats Web site

Not yet firmly convinced? Well, then you may think that this name is inspired by several second-order associations with Web Science in the style of Antoni Gaudi:

The Gaudi way of understanding fourcats

First of all, in many European languages "four cats" is a metaphor for "a few people". For example, Els Quatre Gats is the name of a famous pub in Barcelona, which was since 1896 a meeting point of progressive artists for interdisciplinary discussions (e.g. first inofficial exhibition of young Picasso was there). Similarly, we are a small interdisciplinary group: one postdoc, four PhD students, and 2-3 graduates. We meet in a quite informal atmosphere, and discuss issues around Web Science.

The mentioned pub "Els Quatre Gats" is located not far away from the quarter of Yahoo! Research Barcelona, which is our partner in many research activities related to Web Science.

The name "four cats" is a pun for "forecast", which indirectly links to our predictive models for multi-lingual retrieval, detection of small comunities and events in social media, and thematically focused retrieval of multimedia art objects in Social Media. Hmm, isn't "four cats" also an anagram for "focus art"?..

P.S. Well, when we talk about artists and Picasso, why not also about Paris? Indeed, we do. The meeting point of French bohemians was the Parisian cabaret Le Chat Noir (i.e. The Black Cat), seriously. Like Els Quatre Gats, it also exists until now.