Research Interests

My current research topics include Information Retrieval, Web Mining, Semantic Web, multi-modal analysis of social media, and cross-lingual retrieval. A novel direction since 2009 is the inter-disciplinary research in the field of Web Science.

You might be interested to learn more about our special interest group FourCats which is working in this field. Recent activities, news and announcements can be found in our WeST Research Blog and on ResearchGate.

Key objectives

Web Science: novel paradigm of inter-disciplinary research on issues related to the us-age and the technologies of the World Wide Web: development and growth models of the Web, its capacity for furthering global knowledge and communication, values of trustworthiness, privacy and respect for social boundaries, examination of the social impact of the Web on human society

Semantic Web: Standards and technologies of the Semantic Web, knowledge management and knowledge acquisition in modern decentralized environments (Linked Open Data, LOD), meta knowledge management (provenance, change, process knowledge, uncertainty), uncertain reasoning

Information Retrieval: efficient analysis and retrieval methods for thematically focused information systems, multi-modal understanding of Social Web contents, detection of events, trends and opinions in Social Media