Recent Talks

pdf  WSDM 2010:
GeoFolk: Latent Spatial Semantics in Web 2.0 Social Media

pdf  Hypertext 2009:
Social Recommender Systems for Web 2.0 Folksonomies

pdf  FGIR 2008:
Thematically Focused Search in Web 2.0 Folksonomies

pdf  PrOPr 2007:
Provenance in Semantic Web Applications

pdf  LWA 2007:
Know the Right People? Recommender Systems for Web 2.0

pdf  ECIR 2006:
Automatic Document Organization in a P2P Environment

pdf  ECCBR 2006:
Problem Resolution: from Individual Cases to Systematic Expert Knowledge

pdf  Text mining, Ontologies and NLP in Biomedicine:
Automatic Learning and Populating Ontologies from Web Data