I offer a broad range of themes in the field of Web Science as topics for Master theses. Subproblems in particular themes can also be considered for Bachelor theses and Internship theses.

Agile research management

Mentoring and supervision of my Master and PhD students is organized by the principle of "agile research management". The core idea is to adopt some common software development techniques (known as agile development) for the research domain. A nice recent article "SCORE: Agile Research Group Management" explains it works in practice. The core component of our agile research is the special interest group FourCats.

Take a look into the nice article The Care and Maintenance of Your Advisor to learn more about your duties as a graduate or PhD student in my group.

Themes of interest

  • Multi-modal Understanding of Social Media
  • Event Detection in Social Media
  • Periodic Events in Social Media
  • Semantic Models for Social Media
  • Mining cross-graph Linked Open Data
  • Trend Detection in Linked Open Data
  • Collaboration Clouds in Research Communities
  • Multi-Lingual Retrieval for Linked Open Data
  • Understanding Community Dynamics in Social Web
  • Parallel Algorithms for Social Web Analysis
  • Stream-Oriented Data Processing for Linked Open Data
  • Social network analysis for research collaboration networks